Our Services

  • Community Project Management

    We provide support with developing strategy, project design and identification of communities with the greatest need for an intervention.

  • Project Design

    Innovation and impact are the key focus areas when we help you to design a new project or re-structure an existing one.

  • Social Media for Development Projects

    Creating awareness through social media will allow you to reach more people with key messages, as well as start conversations about important issues, while receiving real time feed back.

  • Media Engagement

    The media are important stakeholders in creating awareness about important issues, while amplifying the profile of your organisation. Our extensive network with traditional and non-traditional media houses will ensure that your projects receive visibility.

  • Community Engagement/Stakeholder Mapping

    Having an in-depth understanding of the stakeholders involved in the success of your project, is a key priority for project design and implementation. We will help you navigate the path to securing the licence to implement projects and the technical support from the relevant government agencies.

  • Developing Public-Private Sector partnerships

    Partnerships will lead to reaching more beneficiaries and scaling up pilot projects. Our network of partners in the public, social and private sectors will mean that you will stretch your social investment even further.

  • Monitoring and Evaluation

    A key component to a project's success and scalability is M&E. We will design bespoke M&E tool kits that include rapid assessments, base line data collection, periodic monitoring, budget management and impact assessments for multiple year projects.

  • Benefit/Impact Assessment

    For multiple year projects, it is vital to conduct these assessments that will help build a business case to scale up projects as well support external communications about the impact of your interventions.

  • Accountability Report Writing

    Triple bottom-line reporting is an important reporting methodology that will communicate to your stakeholders that beyond the financial success of your business, the social impact you make is just as important. Through our detailed project reporting, photographic and cinematographic documentation of all our work- we will help you communicate about your interventions, in a way that engages the reader.

  • Strategic Communication

    An often over looked aspect of community project management, it is however extremely important. Working with your communications team, we will support your internal and external communications and proffer solutions to engaging the media, your employees and other relevant stakeholders.

  • Budgeting for Community Projects

    We pride ourselves in delivering projects that will not break the bank or compromise on quality and sustainability. We will do the due diligence in negotiations with third party implementers, ensuring a more robust return on your investment.

  • Project Launch Events Management:

    The launch of a new project is not only symbolic, but an important forum for all stakeholders to interact and to re-affirm project ownership commitments to ensure sustainability. Our approach is to spend less than 2% of the budget on a micro launch.

  • Facilitation

    All our consultants are able to facilitate sessions with your employees and external stakeholders to gain alignment and insights into project design and re-structure.

  • Capacity Building Trainings and Workshops

    We have developed various development related training modules for the social and private sector. Our training programmes are adapted to meet your specific needs, we also design bespoke training modules. Our Principal Consultant is a guest facilitator at the Lagos Business School, Sustainability Centre.

  • Project Branding

    Brand visibility is crucial to creating awareness about your project. Working with our branding and communications partners, we will help you develop out of the box branding for your projects.

  • Project Design

    Innovation and impact are the key focus areas when we help you to design a new project or re-structure an existing one.