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Project Branding

Brand visibility is crucial to creating awareness about your project. Working with our branding and communications partners, we...

Developing Public-Private Sector partnerships

Partnerships will lead to reaching more beneficiaries and scaling up pilot projects. Our network of partners in the public, soc...

Project Design

Innovation and impact are the key focus areas when we help you to design a new project or re-structure an existing one.


Strategic Communication

An often over looked aspect of community project management, it is however extremely important. Working with your communication...

Benefit/Impact Assessment

For multiple year projects, it is vital to conduct these assessments that will help build a business case to scale up projects...

Media Engagement

The media are important stakeholders in creating awareness about important issues, while amplifying the profile of your organis...

Our Featured Projects

Kasher Consulting is an innovative consulting company, providing holistic solutions to social, public and private sectors.

  • Legal Aid    read more

    Developed a strategic plan for business growth and brand awareness for the Legal Aid Counsel, as well as a comprehensive review of its programmes with a view of providing a road map for delivering more impact.

  • Renovation of Primary School in Abuja    read more

    Sahara Group has its second corporate offices in Abuja, where it is a major distributor in aviation fuel. A primary school that had been earmarked for demolition due to the new railway line was renovated. Our intervention ensured that over 500 children will have a safe environment to learn in for the new academic year. The school had never been connected to the electricity grid and had not had water for over 8 years; both problems were solved as a result of this project.

  • Renovation of Clothing & Textile Lab in a government school    read more

    Vocational training is part of the national primary curriculum, however most centres are poorly equipped and lack the basic requirements to teach students. The sewing room that caters to over 800 Primary 5 & 6 children on a weekly basis was renovated to a modern standard and equipped with all the equipment and accessories needed. 10 heads of vocational centres in Lagos were also trained, many of who had never attended a formal training before.

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