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Project Design

Innovation and impact are the key focus areas when we help you to design a new project or re-structure an existing one.


Benefit/Impact Assessment

For multiple year projects, it is vital to conduct these assessments that will help build a business case to scale up projects...

Project Branding

Brand visibility is crucial to creating awareness about your project. Working with our branding and communications partners, we...

Strategic Communication

An often over looked aspect of community project management, it is however extremely important. Working with your communication...

Budgeting for Community Projects

We pride ourselves in delivering projects that will not break the bank or compromise on quality and sustainability. We will do...

Community Engagement/Stakeholder Mapping

Having an in-depth understanding of the stakeholders involved in the success of your project, is a key priority for project des...

Our Featured Projects

Kasher Consulting is an innovative consulting company, providing holistic solutions to social, public and private sectors.

  • Total Job Shadow | Kaduna | Delta | 2016-2017    read more

    An employee engagement program, which aims at giving secondary school students practical experience in the workplace environment. It is also designed to increase career awareness, mentor the students and reinforce the link between the classroom and the workplace. 100 secondary school students from 6 schools spent the day "shadowing" Total Nigeria employee volunteers, as well as learning about Total's business operations.

  • Youth Empowerment | Youth Empowered Nigeria | 2017    read more

    A 3-day intensive workshop aimed at increasing the capacity of 1,600 Nigeria youth in 3 geo-political regions of Nigeria. Experienced facilitators and mentors were recruited to guide the youth throughout the workshop. The workshop focused on ensuring that participants were empowered with life and business skills needed to succeed in their careers.

    The project held in Lagos, Port-Harcourt and Kano.

  • Malaria Rapid Diagnostics Test Kits Distribution | 2015    read more

    Project Summary: To support the campaign to create a Malaria Free Nigeria with the donation of 800,000 test kits. The campaign focused on distributing these test kits to people living in Northern Nigeria.

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